Former Graduate Students

Olivia Bullock, Assistant Professor, George Washington University

Brahm DeBuys, Data Scientist, Verizon

Erin Drouin, Consultant, Opinion Dynamics

Austin Hubner, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville

Jessica McKnight, Sr. Project Manager, Interise

Jared Ott, Assistant Professor, Indiana University East

Shannon Poulsen, Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Matthew Sweitzer, Senior Researcher, Sandia National Laboratories

Daniel Sude, Visiting Assistant Professor, George Washington University

Former Undergraduate Students

Jeanie Chen, Sr. Associate, JP Morgan Chase

Katie Ferriby, Program Support Specialist, Challenge Detroit Fellow

Fangzhou He, Masters Student, UC Berkeley

Morgan Hellmich, Associate Program Manager, Abbot

Alec Hinton, MD Student, Ohio University

Emma Hite, Graphic Designer, Conspire

Sam Lerner, Cybersecurity Rsearcher, Red Balloon Security

Olivia Mescher, DO Student, Rocky Vista University

Ryan Moore, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Austin

Natalie Petit, Masters Student Hertie School and Syracuse University

Michael Sheehan, Physician, Summa Health in General Surgery

Julia Slogar, MD Student, University of Toledo
Communication and Cognitive Systems Lab Location
The Communication and Cognitive Systems Lab is a research laboratory within the School of Communication at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

Building 046

242 W 18th Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210